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Custom Designed Railings & Gates

Our friendly, professional team is here to provide you with high quality work and exceptional service.

What we offer

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Guaranteed 5% lower than other certified companies. Call for a free quote.


Custom Railings

To slide or to swing? Our experts help you zero in on the perfect entrance to your home. We design modern, elegant, high-performance gates that provide security, style, and safety to your premises.

Glass Railings

Bespoke railings add the right style to your home’s exterior. Choose from hundreds of unique railing designs featuring spearheads, obelisk, plumes, and more. Protect your garden with a designer railing today.


Discover new-age staircase designs that accentuate your home’s style. Whether exterior or interior, our staircase designer will design a space-saving and durable staircase that’s high on style quotient.

Cable Railings

Crafting cable railings is our specialty. Explore our extensive range of cable railings suitable for diverse properties. We have the right style for your premises.

Aluminum Railings

Ice Blue Steel provides the highest quality aluminum railings and installation no matter where you need it. Give us a call today to see what we can do for your property.

Stainless Steel

Our Stainless Steel railings are created with the utmost care and with high quality materials. This type of railing is perfect to instantly add a modern look to your property.


Handrails are a crucial element of stair usage. Choose from our extensive collection of designer handrails to fit your vision. We combine practicality, security, and aesthetics in our designer handrails.

Sliding Gates

Sliding Gates provide an extra level of security as well as creating a strong modern look on the outside of your property. If you think a sliding gate might be right for you contact us today for more information.

Swing Gates

Swing Gates like other gates provides increased security for the property, but provides a more classic look. If this sounds like what you’re looking for contact us today to see if a swing gate is right for you.

Steel Structures

Order tailor-made steel structures to meet your commercial, industrial or residential needs. Our cost-effective steel structures are easy-to-install, weather-resistant, and highly secure for daily operations.

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About Us

ICE BLUE STEEL LTD. is the premier custom made iron works company in Vancouver and the lower mainland specializing in metal, glass, aluminum products such as railings, staircases, gates and fencing.

We offer complete custom iron fabrication services including delivery and installation. Our highly qualified team is professional and personable; always providing exceptional service and excellence with each design project.

Certified C.W.B. Welders
Our Process

How it Works

Our team has a simple 4 step process for ensuring the success of your project, no matter how big or small.

The process we implement makes it easy for you to track how your project is going and what stage we are at anytime. Once you speak with our team the steps will go into place.

Our Process

4 Step Work Flow



Our team will personally discuss with you to ensure we understand the full scope of the project.


The next step of the process is to get to work and complete all requirements based on the specifications we agreed on.



Once everything is completed and installed our team will double check everything to ensure it is done right.


If anything needs to be changed, this is the time to do it. Our team will make sure to take any corrective action needed.

Start Your Project Today


Contact us through our contact form or call us today to get a quote on your project.